Sent July 10, 2013 6:35 PM
BOLOCOP™ Alert #254 Department Alert #

Maricopa County Adult Probation


NOTICE: LKA: 1135 E. Main St. behind the STUFF Thrift Store. DRUG HX: THC, Meth and Alcohol. Engler may be hanging around the area of 519 W. Mahoney in Mesa. Ususally riding a bike with a ball cap on and may have a beard now.

Before arrest, verify warrant through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) or call MCSO-OIC at 602-876-1061 to confirm warrant. If arrested, or whereabouts known contact Special Deputy U.S. Marshal/Adult Probation Officer Jeff Fischer at (602) 290-3961.

Name: Michael Joseph Engler
Alias: Mick, Mike Engler, Mechanic Mike
DOB: 4/30/63
Sex: M
Race: White / Caucasian
Height: 511
Weight: 180
Marks/Tattoos: Back: Skull, Chest: Woman, memor of mom with cross, RARM: Lynelle, sleeved 911 memorial, LARM: sleeved with cross and ribbon, RLEG:Skulls, LHAND: Pitbull
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown



Superior Court – Maricopa County






Probation Violation- Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, 4F (Unregistered Sex Offender)

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