About BOLO Cop

BOLO Cop is a web based communication program that uses the most up-to date technology to provide police agencies with an easy, direct and free method of distributing crime related information to the general public. It was created in 2012 by Vickie Owen, Crime Prevention Officer with the Gilbert Police Department and Steven Mueller, owner of The Stevens Company, a national website development company.

In an effort to expand communication between police agencies and the communities they serve, Vickie Owen, then President of the Arizona Crime Prevention Association (ACPA, Inc.) began discussions regarding a business merger with Peggy and Paul Secaur, the owners of Fax Net 1. After more than 23 years of dedicated service to the community, Peggy and Paul Secaur transferred their business concept to the ACPA. Together with Steve Mueller of The Stevens Company the new BOLO Cop program was created.

BOLO Cop Team
Vickie Owen & Steve Mueller, with State Officials & ACPA Board Members

Today, the BOLO Cop program is used by hundreds of federal and state law enforcement officials. Once authorized, law enforcement can create a “Be On the Look Out” BOLO Alert that can be distributed in a variety of ways to inform citizen’s about such things as; a missing person, absconded and wanted criminals, lost and found property and/or just to pass along information to about specific crime trends. Individuals as well as businesses must register to receive this critical police information.

Soon, BOLO Cop will be home to a new national registry known as the “Silver Directory”. Through a simple enrollment form, the general public can add information about a loved one suffering from dementia. Once registered, law enforcement can access the information, making it easier for police to find that individuals home should they be found or should a Silver Alert need to be activated on the individual.

Through grant funding and corporate advertisement, the site will remain free to all users, receivers and viewers.

Who are Peggy and Paul Secaur of Fax Net 1?

Peggy & Paul Secaur
Paul and his wife Peggy worked in neighboring high rise buildings in downtown Phoenix as a management team for many years.  In 1990, after a business facsimile received by Paul helped him and police apprehend a purse thief in Paul’s building, the Secaur’s decided they could do more to help reduce crime. Paul’s idea, “could a fax outrun the bad guys” became the centerpiece of the Fax Net 1’s business concept. Within weeks of sharing faxes with neighboring businesses, police were able to catch a bank robber, divert an attempted rapist, located an elderly man suffering from dementia and broke up a counterfeit ring. Over the next 23 years, Peggy and Paul Secaur’s non-profit Fax Net 1 grew into a staple tool for law enforcement all across the nation. Neither ever took a paycheck and both were adamant that it remain a free service. During its final years, the prestige and commitment of Peggy and Paul’s Fax Net 1 business gained them working space in the heart of the Phoenix Police Department’s downtown station.

Sadly, Paul Secaur passed away December 8, 2014.